Day 356 – 100 Reasons Why Sports Suck

10 – 100 Essential Things you Didn’t Know about Sport

I really just cannot get into watching sports.

I think soccer back in the Netherlands traumatized me. Every summer. Every single damned summer. Soccer would displace all other programming on the television, pushing Star Trek and Babylon 5 out-of-the-way… for men pointlessly kicking a ball around.

I could have somewhat respected the seasonality of all this, if it weren’t for the German channels, the British channels, the French channels and the Luxembourg channels all showing the same match at the same time with a bouquet of voice overs of every linguistic variety.

With nothing “decent” to watch for the likes of me.

I long since escaped from Europe and soccer to Australia… where they are even madder about sports, but across a broader range at least. I still feel for those I had to leave behind who are now stuck in the middle of World Cup fever. I hear the Netherlands is doing quite well.

Playing sports never appealed either.

While growing up I was much more interested in computers and all the sciences. I didn’t have much room for an interest in exercise. It involves outside, and sweat, and discomfort. I wasn’t very good at any of those.

I got over the aversion as such, but still not to the extent that I enjoy team sports. The gym will do just fine for me. It allows me to let my thoughts wander over the day, or to listen to a podcast on the treadmill. Team sports just take too much focus to be worth it.

That’s not quite 100 reasons, but it’s all the reasons I need.