Day 357 – Bad Form

9 – The 100 Worst Athletes in Sports History

Sprains beget Sprains.
Injuries beget Injuries.

About three months back, on a trip to Melbourne, I sprained my back. I’m still not quite sure if I can blame the Novotel beds for that, or if it was the unfortunate twist in my Economy Class seat on the flight home as I tried to get off my hooded sweater.

My left shoulder and back were agony, and I blogged about them at the time.

I was stuck with lighter-than-usual exercise for longer than I liked, and the physiotherapy didn’t seem to be helping as quickly as I had hoped. In the end it healed quickest when I missed my exercise for a while. The worst part of recovery is the bit where my right shoulder happily lifts weights and screams out for more as my left shoulder asks it if it’s kidding, enough already, I’m going to drop it okay?

The left shoulder feels all better now.

Now there is a bit of a twinge in the right.

The problem with an injury like that is, while it heals, I was compensating with other parts of my body. Taking extra load elsewhere. Luckily it’s not as bad as the primary injury, but I still will need to take some extra care on the other side now and hope I don’t shift it back to the left.

Maybe what all this points to is that I have neglected Pilates for too long. When I was doing Pilates about 2-3 times a week, I wasn’t prone to mishaps and sprains like I have been lately. It’s easy to lose hard-fought discipline around the core muscles.

I seriously need to put some more thought into my gym routine. I need to get back to my perfect mix of Pilates, Yoga, Balance, Attack, and Pump. Or the closest equivalent I can cobble together out of the available time slots at my new gym. I may even have to start taking gym gear to Melbourne so I do not miss my classes completely while I’m travelling for work.

*hold music plays*

And there goes an hour of my night analysing the Virgin Active schedule.
On the upside, I think I can fit all the types of classes in if I try.
Let’s see if I can manage.