Day 360 – Fearless

6 – 100 Tips to Live an Extraordinary Life

How many awesome things have you thought of doing in your life?
How many of those did you actually pursue?

I suspect you made an excuse just now.

“I cannot afford to right now.”
“I don’t have the time.”
“I just need to finish this first.”
“What would people say?”

Find a cheaper way or save up. Make the time… do you really need to watch that much television? No, you don’t. And nothing… absolutely nothing at all.

By approximation, people really do not care what you do nearly as much as you think they do. Raised eyebrows, jokes and gossip can feel like disapproval, but they are just signs of people adjusting to a different perspective; trying to get a sense of how their social circle feels about the change. And if you picked the right friends in the first place, they’ll find a way to support your decisions.

But fear…

Fear is the thing that stops you.
“What if they disapprove?”
“What if it ruins the friendship?”
“What if they keep making fun of me?”

Fear is a powerful de-motivator. It makes you pull up the drawbridge and huddle in a defensible position, tether you to the ground you already hold and looking out over the horizon with suspicion and disdain.

So, in my mind, the only tip worth its salt for living an extraordinary life is to become fearless. And to dig deep for the things you disallow yourself. And don’t put up with your own half-baked excuses; they are just a glossy veneer over the top of the fears you don’t want to admit to.

It’ll be all-right.

I promise.

2 thoughts on “Day 360 – Fearless”

  1. I tend to side more with embracing fear (read: developing coping mechanisms) rather than trying to eliminate it, mainly because I find that it makes you feel alive and is a sign that you’re doing something awesome, that first step before trying something new and unknown
    And once I’ve tried that new, unknown thing, the fear translates into self-confidence

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