Day 361 – Dating

5 – 100 First Dates

Blogging about a hundred first dates sounds like an interesting challenge. It’s the kind of concept I could have wished to have come up with. But at the same time, it seems a daunting subject, and a rather lengthy commitment to make.

I have only 365 days to contend with (with less than a week to go!), where Ally has been at it since January 2010 and is only now approaching the finish of her… quest?

My quest has merely relied on stubbornness and consistency.

I think hers has taken a lot more courage. Not only is that a much more personal subject to blog about, I’d imagine a real danger of looking back at 4-5 years of blogging and learning things about yourself in the patterns that might be hard to face… what if after 5 years you discover that it was *you* the whole time?

I can’t imagine it’d make the dating any more relaxing either… first dates are always the awkward nervous ones, why add an editorial monologue in the back of your head as well? I’m sure it improves the entertainment quality of the writing, but perhaps not of the experience itself.

Still… my hat off to her courage (if only I had a hat).

Oh, and go read her blog.
It’s quite entertaining.
There’s even an Australian in there.

Aside: after reading a bit of the blog it was hard to ignore the narcissistic voice in the back of my head asking – “I wonder what she’d write about me after a first date?” I guess perhaps that’s part of the appeal of the blog… the wonder how you’d rank yourself under the circumstances.