Day 363 – Memorable Ending

3 – The Best 100 Closing Lines from Books

I must admit; I was hopeful for this link, and sadly disappointed.

The problem with closing lines out of context is that they lose the build-up before them that imbue them with most of their meaning. I’m sure all these closing lines are lovely and amazing when read directly after the book they belong to, but in isolation most of them didn’t do anything for me.

I have a somewhat similar problem approaching.

At the end of this challenge, how to end it?
What will be the last sentence? The last word?

Can I somehow tie it all back together?

The best closing lines always come after the closing is done. At least for me they do. The best retort comes days after an argument. The best parting thought after I am already walking away.

Maybe I’ll just write the last post, and then a week later edit it to make it what it should have been. And then I’ll swear that’s how it always was to begin with.

My blog, my rules.