Day 355 – Brothers

11 – 100 Easy Kids’ Birthday Cake Ideas

I don’t talk to my brothers anywhere near enough since moving to Australia. I try to remember to call for birthdays, Christmas and New Year, but all those are events where they more often than not are doing other things for the occasion.

I haven’t been to the Netherlands for a while now either, which isn’t helping.

I think about them often enough though, especially my youngest brother who has a bit more of an on-line footprint than the other. So, I all the more hope I manage to pin down my middle brother today on his birthday to find out how he’s doing.
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Day 354 – #(Yes/Not) All (Women/Men)

12 – The Top 100 Things That Attract Women To Men

The link above is intentionally broken.
It’s not for following; it’s merely the last-100-days pretext for the following.

Also: trigger warning – violence against women is discussed.

I have been putting off this post for fear of writing it wrong. The #yesallwomen twitter-tag has a deep and traumatizing context, and I wasn’t sure I could make my thoughts make enough sense to write something worth saying.

I am gratified to see that #yesallwomen didn’t dissipate despite the trolls, the naysayers and the uninformed. I hope it somehow manages to morph into a periodical campaign to simply remind everyone (=men) of the daily injustices most women continuously experience; the plainly stated facts have had the strongest impact on me.
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Day 353 – Forward Fold

13 – Over 100 Stretching Exercises

I have started working more seriously on item 85 of my 100 Things.

I’m not naturally very flexible. I spent an entire youth disinterested in sports. Then I spent years cycling in the highest gear bulking up my legs in the process. Then I took an interest in going to the gym during University where I mainly worked on more weights to even out the rest of my body a bit.
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Day 352 – Daring

14 – The Best of 2013 Cosplay in 100 Photos

Cosplay never really was on my radar as a thing people do. Until I went to Supernova in Sydney some 5 years back. Seeing people actually do it, and in significant numbers has made it visible to me everywhere… maybe it is a newly mainstream thing, or maybe I just never noticed until I noticed.

I have as one of my 100 Things goals to Cosplay myself at some point. I’m not sure whether PAX at the end of the year will be too soon. I don’t like half measures, and showing up Cosplaying at a convention needs a certain level of attention to detail and perfection in my opinion.

I have some ideas though.
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Day 351 – I Want To Play A Game

15 – 100 Principles of Game Design

If you don’t know of the wealth of board games that exist beyond Risk, Stratego and Monopoly, you’re missing out on a lot of fun.

I have written about them often enough over the past year; almost every Wednesday some (variable) friends come over and we have some snacks, some dinner and some board games. Most of them have a strategic angle (the games), even when it’s just about building railway tracks. Some of them are collaborative. Some of them are really really tough.

It’s fun…

And inevitably it leads to making up of new house-rules and variants.
Or entirely new games essentially.
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Day 349 – Go PRO

17 – Digital Video Production Cookbook: 100 Professional Techniques for Independent and Amateur Filmmakers

Technically I have all the pieces of the puzzle.

I have a valid Camtasia license, I have a Canon 6D to work with, and in a pinch the Nexus 5 will do some decent video as well. Everything I need to put together a decent video on my own time.

But I suspect I need a few more pieces.
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Day 348 – Economic Reflections

18 – 100 top tips for tough times

As I am writing this post I’m watching House of Cards; I don’t know if this is going to improve or devolve the tone of my post. Let’s find out together, shall we?

There seems a certain inevitability to the unfolding of the Abbott Government. I wish there weren’t. I wish I would have been proven wrong.

Sadly, rhetoric wins over substance and vision.

And Abbott has proven his steady hand on the tiller once the earplugs are in, with the Northern Star of an imagined budgetary crisis spotted on the horizon. Steady as she goes.
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