Day 75 – Yoga, Coffee, Dot Icecream

I am glad I’ve returned to Yoga. I think I stopped going at first because I was busy, then because it made me feel like half the day was gone before I got home again, but those are all stupid reasons not to do Yoga.

The class officially starts at 10:30 and finishes at 11:30… but in reality our excellent instructor never quite gets there till 11:45. I just relish the 15 minutes of extra stretching. Last week my legs were complaining bitterly after the experience, this week less so. I’m sure I’ll be on the road to flexibility again in no time.

A Healthy Breakfast... (?)
A Healthy Breakfast… (?)

I have taken to bringing my Kindle along so that on the way back I can sit down with my coffee and read a few chapters. After Yoga my limbs always feel very heavy, and I usually don’t do much with the time anyway so I might as well visit Tyrion, Arya and Jon as I recover. It’s amazing how time flies when I’m sitting there.

As you can see, I took the opportunity to add some pretend-breakfast to my break. I don’t usually eat before going to the gym. Food before Yoga isn’t the most pleasant of experiences.

By about 1:30pm I started to feel like I should really go do something with the day. Including an errand or two that arrived via the wonder of Wunderlist. Quick stop through the shops, and I decided I wanted some ice cream.

I had seen the Dippin’ Dots wagon outside the shops a few times, and I had assumed this was just one of those soft-serve-dipped-in-a-variety-of-things stands.

It was far more confusing than that…

We're Living in the Future!
We’re Living in the Future!

We’re living in a future where ice cream no longer comes in cones, nor as it happens, in the form of a continuous whole. Apparently in 2013, ice cream gets served in the form of pellets, scooped and levelled into a small container.

My dots were of the vanilla with crushed-Oreos-mixed-in variety. They tasted fine, but there is something a little clumsy about a container full of little pellets eaten with a spoon. For one thing I had to finish before driving; it just lacks that one-handed-eatability that a cone brings to the wheel.

Still, an interesting experience.