Day 357 – Bad Form

9 – The 100 Worst Athletes in Sports History

Sprains beget Sprains.
Injuries beget Injuries.

About three months back, on a trip to Melbourne, I sprained my back. I’m still not quite sure if I can blame the Novotel beds for that, or if it was the unfortunate twist in my Economy Class seat on the flight home as I tried to get off my hooded sweater.

My left shoulder and back were agony, and I blogged about them at the time.
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Day 35 – No More Holly-Days

Today is a sad day.

I found out that my Gym Buddy Holly (yes, I am totally writing this post for the chance to make bad puns alone) is likely going to give up her membership sometime in the near future. She has a perfectly good excuse of course. 😉 And I’m happy for her for the reason that caused it, but it’s still a sad day.

I really don’t mind going to the gym alone. I feel a little anti-social as-is because when I’m in a class I tend to focus very single-mindedly on the exercises. I’m not one of those chat-in-the-back-of-the-class types. But once I get comfortable around someone it’s hard to give up their company again.

I guess I’ll be back to solving problems in my head while lifting weights, running around, folding in half and balancing in awkward positions.

One more Thursday class to go to first though.

Better make it a good one! (I assume I will be aching all through my long weekend)

Day 13 – Reformed

I find it incredibly hard to re-build up to my gym routine when circumstance forces me into a few weeks away. I have only missed two weeks, but it feels much longer than that. And rebuilding from a lapse like that always feels like scaling a mountain.

My weights class last Thursday left my legs aching into the weekend. I may have been a bit over-enthusiastic as well.

Tonight I did a Pilates Reformer class, which involves a spring-loaded bed so that I can adjust the resistance as needed for a routine. And once again I think I’ve added a bit more resistance than I should have. But it feels great to sit slumped at the keyboard with no real desire to move. I’m just going to bask in this for a little while.